Tuesday, 2 November 2010

No Impact Man

Sustainable Windsor has teamed up with the Firestation Arts Centre to bring you the best eco-films at a discounted price. That's right, being eco-conscious really does pay off!

The first film in our eco-films promotion is No Impact Man on Thursday, November 4 at 8pm. The film tells the true-life story of Colin Beavan and his family who abandon their high-consumption New York lifestyle to try and live for a year without making any net environmental impact on the planet. That's no cars, no buses, no electricity, no rubbish.

Go here to see the trailer.

The first 25 Sustainable Windsor film lovers will get a massive 20% off the price of their tickets (normally £7.25). Just say, 'I'm with Sustainable Windsor!' when you book and you can see the film for just £5.75,

Don't worry if you haven't come to one of our fab Sustainable Windsor meetings before - you can still enjoy along to the screening and, hopefully, we'll see you at the next one!

Go to the Firestation website for more info and call 01753 866865 to book tickets or just turn up on the night.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog interesting. One other side of the coin of this whole carbon footprint thing is figure out where you food is coming from and to localise it as much as possbile, ideall to grow it yourself. I've done more of this than on the neergy side, and I blog about this here:


Permaculture will go mainstream in the next few years.

Archipet said...

Really appreciate your comments and agree that food is central to sustainability. Members of our local group have a spectrum of interests, including home-grown and allotment produce, but my focus has been on carbon reduction through direct action on cutting energy waste.
I would love to learn about permaculture in community settings and will visit your blog for starters.
We can do it all if we can share the many different skill-sets we all need!