Monday, 9 December 2013

Give just one thing

I confess that, since running the Sustainable Living Area at last year's Egham Royal Show, I have had nothing new to say on the subject of everyday sustainability.  That changed this morning when I came across a link from Ariane Sherine, the comedy writer and journalist behind the Atheist Bus Campaign, whom I admire greatly.

While there is nothing to be gained from mixing religion and politics with low carbon living, I think Ariane has created the most inspiring guide to sustainable living that I have come across in the six years since I started this occasional blog.  So I would ask you to put aside your Party affiliations, suspend your belief and have a look at this new and uplifting guide to giving of yourself, for the benefit of others.

The only caution I must add, which Ariane has splashed liberally across the website for this new book, is that there is a lot of (for want of a better word) schoolboy humour.  So, if you're up for some impolite language and plenty of light-hearted phallic banter, click away!  Please explore the website as well as downloading Ariane's book, for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

Give Just One Thing